Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Halley's Mural

Here is Halley's painting all pretty and done (I even made her bed because let's face it : a made bed frames art better than an unmade one :) )

The family is away at Disney but I'm super excited to see what she thinks. I'm bummed that her sister's isn't done but c'est la vie.

beginning to paint!

Finished! Hurrah!

Halley and her twin, Paige as fairies.

Fairies like to play lyres.

Fairies tell their most precious secrets to owls. 

Trumpets are good too.

The End.


Ryan said...

:-) That is really cute. Perfect for a little girl.

Yoshi Yoshitani said...

This looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I saw you initial sketches a million years ago, it's so cool to see it done!