Saturday, July 19, 2008

French Puppets

By the end of my puppet animation class this spring I had three puppets that I loved dearly: Mr. Bobineau, Pierre Pignon and Loretta. They happened to all be French. Pierre Pignon is no longer with me as he was made of plasticine and would have either melted in the summer sun or eventually been poked by some sharp object. I realized that they are all from different classes; Mr. Bobineau is comfortably situated in the middle class (he is a math teacher and a toy maker), Pierre Pignon enjoys the glitter of high society (he is a fashion consultant at Chanel), and my dear Loretta is a country girl of low income (she grows flowers to sell in the city market and helps her mama make jam). 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prospect and Waterman

This building, I believe, is the home of the Economics Department at Brown University. I wanted to practice perspective and invented lighting, so I thought it would be the perfect subject.  
The sketch was made in pencil and the color in Photoshop. 

To Begin With

Welcome to my art blog!
I am an illustration student at Rhode Island School of Design, and I will be posting the results of my artistic endeavors here so feel free to pop by as I will be updating this thing frequently. My artwork is often inspired by fairytales, but my love of storytelling and design takes me many places. 
I have work from the summer, but I thought I'd begin with these two pieces as a general introduction. They were inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina. They were made in acrylic on canvas.