Sunday, August 31, 2014


It’s Sunday and I’m feeling kind of truthsome.

I never thought Orlando, or more specifically Disney World would feel like home so quickly. The rain is coming down in sheets as it does in the afternoons, but soon it will be gone and it will be sunny again. I own a home now, which scared me at first because it meant that I was doing adulty things without you know a husband to take half the load and maybe do the finances. But I’ve grown rather fond of being single, especially since I can grow in so many ways that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to if it were otherwise. For instance I have a pink room. I decided I might as well go for it as long as I can. Father John says that the more you truly live the more you have to offer people whether it’s friends, family or a potential spouse. I’m a project person, which means I always have projects underway or on my mind. Presently, I’m trying to keep an alkaline diet, interior decorate my home so I can play Bed & Breakfast when visitors come, plan my next book project and decide what classes to take so I can be a modern Warrior Princess. Which is my ultimate goal in life. Okay even more specifically a Saint Warrior Princess. Or a Saint Warrior Princess Artist with a cat.

Check on the cat. He is eating everything in sight. Including my clothing. Holes everywhere.

And then there is Vanity. Although I’ve been told it isn’t really Vanity if it doesn’t get in the way of your Charity. Being single means you can take good care of yourself and develop good habits, ideally. Every month since I was thirteen there is a three day span where I try to decide whether to get a minor nose job or not. Mostly I’ve decided against it because I don’t want my friends to think I’m selling out. But when you’re 27 you realize that that is a stupid reason not to do something, so I might just do it because it would make me happy, not in the joyful sense but in the I just bought I house I really like way.

My home is really nice. My Colombian neighbors are nice, and they feed me sometimes. The neighbors to my right are well…

I am very blessed. My best friend is a 48? 49? Year old priest who cannot for the life of me call by his first name, I feel it’s like calling my mother “Cecilia.” He is the Yoda or St. Francis of my life, which demands respect even though I sometimes roll my eyes at him. People often forget that priests are just people. People with really hard jobs that involve helping persons through suicides attempts, addictions, obsessions, death or just teenagers with hormones and short attention spans. (He’s also been shot which is cool because he is still alive). I chat with him about my latest venture and my obsession with BBC shows, and of course my life problems. Sometimes I tell him about my crushes, but he tells me men are evil because he wants me to become a sister and found my own order. I don’t really want to found anything, unless I have a right hand partner that can do all the hard stuff.

I’m now going to leave you because it stopped raining. And I’m going to go drink a spinach smoothie. Just add lime. It’s much better that way.  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My First Book

I made this book for God in honor of his faithful servant Pope John Paul II, and it is here finally by His Grace! YAY! Thank you everyone for your prayers, support and friendship. If you haven't bought a copy yet. nudge. nudge.

I am very busy right now. News on WHY will be coming soon so I'll be getting to all the pre-orders asap. I am however stoked to sign and package these with great love.

Thank you Pauline Books and Media for doing a phenomenal job with the printing. It is truly lovely.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Randomest

The art life has been slow, but I have a couple of things to show you that are not under NDA since they are mostly commissions from friends. Enjoy!

 This one is for a women's conference on the impact of image.

Portrait Commission for a young lady who is graduating soon!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Release Date

Happy New Year Everyone! I was just told by the publishing house that due to the weather and other issues the book won't be in stock until February, so I won't be able to ship copies until then. Fear not! I will add in some extra fun stuff for your troubles and if you have any questions or concerns email me at