Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dream Big Princess: Aurora

 I wanted to share a project I'm actually allowed to show! Freedom!!

You may not know that I work for Disney Consumer Products/Disney Central Creative/Disney Design Group/ Disney Store. The powers that be are still trying to come up with a name for all of these departments that have recently merged under one umbrella. Well, it means I get to rub shoulders with California people a lot more and they asked me to do a special Disney Princess Project!!

At the U.S. Open Tennis Championship last weekend there was an exhibition called DREAM BIG PRINCESS: BE A CHAMPION. Eleven artist were asked to paint over racket covers each with a princess in an "empowered" pose (oh that word). I could barely get the linework/concept done at work because of everything else on my slate so by the time it was time to prime and paint that darned racket it was Friday and the painting was due on Monday. This was the exciting and exhausting process.

I did all my line work and rough color in photoshop. Surprisingly Aurora is very rarely shown facing front. Yay lack of reference. I also drew the three fairies up top but because of time constraints they were nicked and replace by stars in their respective colors.

The racket cover was delivered with black primer brushed on one side. I repainted it white/yellowish and then did some old school rub pencil on the back and press hard with a pen on top of my linework printout so it would show up on the canvas. Then it was paint, paint, paint!!

I hope you enjoyed it it was a real honor to be showcase with so many talented people!