Thursday, January 29, 2009

Website Sketch

I'm trying very desperately to have a website finished by the end of wintersession. It should be simple to navigate, but also nice to visit. These are two quick ideas. I'm currently leaning on the first one.

Note: The background pieces are sketches too.

Design 1

Design 2- Images would appear in lightbox.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turtle Island

The point of of my animal class is to draw animals, and these turtles are about 2% of the entire piece. And those eggs are not exactly accurate; Sea Turtle eggs are perfectly round. I fail at this class.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Grey Exploration

Color studies have become a pretty steady hobby. This particular set was inspired by a certain image that surfaced in my mind. It began very simply... A young girl, in a desolate field comes upon a wall that disappears across either horizon. I could see the colors very clearly; extremely devoid of color. The setting was very minimal and bleak. It is more a psychological image than a fantasy setting, but it's held on to me these past few weeks so I'm hoping to expand on it and begin a little personal project entitled The Wall. I'm not sure if anything will come of it but little disjointed color studies, but I'm enjoying this process immensely! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At the Edge of the Forest

Little Ti plays the pan flute while Olush, a forest spirit of sorts comes for a visit. They also like birds so they all hang out together. They couldn't possible play Protagonist and Antagonist; they're too good-hearted for their own good!

Anyways, this was my final for my character class last semester, which was meant to portray a hero vs. a villain, but for some reason my professor told me I could just make my evil character good (see Forest Spirit in prior entry) if I really wanted to. Finally, I decided on an "Eeyore" persona, instead of the classical Maiden/Unicorn match since Little Ti is too young and I quite like her the way she is. 

Actually planning this painting was a whole different story. I looked at background paintings from Disney's Pocahontas, and kept going back and forth on composition. I don't know how many people I showed sketches to before I went ahead.  I finished, a bit sleep deprived and cranky, thinking what a terrible job I had done, but it went over well. I like it now that finals are over! 

It was all painted with Acrylic on Canvas, but when I took a photograph of it I tweaked it digitally.

Little Ti


Monday, January 19, 2009

Homework Due

My nature class is incredibly flexible. There are no rules or outlines for our assignments except it has to involve the animals that we have looked at so far. I couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to design ships based on certain animals...

The Angler Nautilus is based on an angler fish, and is a newly designed underwater cruise ship for the rich and famous, including 4 indoor pools, 3 restaurants, a theatre and scuba divers. 

The Damselfly is based on a damselfly and carries two people. It can take you mostly everywhere even to school.

Neither of these vessels are meant to fight anything.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Animal Kingdom

I love research. I simply adore research when the end product is a drawing. Love it, love it. Which is why I picked the Nature's Narrative class this wintersession. I get to obsess over animals; their structure, pigmentation, everything. These are a few sketches that were due this week.

These are based on the bone structure of a Dunkleosteus.

We haven't learned about dinosaurs yet but I wanted to draw them anyways. 


I seem to be obsessed with profiles. Here's a compilation of a few.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little Ti and Forest Spirit

You've seen this girl before! I changed her just a little bit, adding the wing pattern on her dress and making her just a smidge cuter.

This guy you haven't seen. He was redesigned for my final project and given a different purpose. As you can see he is quite evil here.

Peony: The Littlest Handmaid

This is a project dear to my heart that I'd been working on since February. Last Wintersession I felt completely uninspired and depressed with my class in the painting department, and jealous at all the people taking the graphic novel class. I was so whiny my friend, Nicholas Kole finally convinced me that I should just make one. So I did.

These are just the first six pages, my manuscript being 32 pages long. It tells a story about a little girl who wants to become lady-in-waiting to the princess, but to do so she must go through a series of tests. 


Wintersession means plenty of free time, sleepy days and hope for the new year. I've been trying go fill my time making these quick color studies while watching my childhood telenovela, Luz Clarita. Let's see how many I can make myself do!