Friday, May 28, 2010

The Twelve Months

Book Cover #2

The Twelve Months is a Russian Fairytale that was translated into a film by Toei Animation in 1980. I loved the story as a kid and I couldn't wait to do my own take on it.

This is the small thumbnail I did of the cover before I started. I knew I was going to do it in watercolors, and I prefer to have everything worked out before I start. Watercolors are not very forgiving and require a lot of patience. This is really is the most important tool you will ever use when you watercolor: PATIENCE.

For the most part I work layers from light to dark, although sometimes I work in the darkest darks just so I can see what my range is going to be, and so I can preserve the focus where I want it.

This is the final watercolor.

This is the final cover with text, snow, and a couple of small tweaks.