Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clothed by the Son

Hey Peeps... Love you all...I'm really enjoying sketching before I go to bed :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Holy Family

Quickest sketch ever! I'm hoping to do a larger final but you know, sometimes a small sketch'll do it! The lighting was very much inspired by my artist friend, Pascal Campion!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alice and Life

So, yes, I thought, "Why not try out for a play, you've always wanted to." So, I went online and looked up community theatre troupes in my area. I prayed really hard that something suitable would come up. I don't think there could have been anything more suitable than Alice in Wonderland. I mean I used to go around elementary school with the book under my arm, I made my mother make me the dress from the 1985 Alice movies, and I had my dad film my rendition of the story.

Dragonfly theatre invited me to come try out and at first I was offered the part of the White Queen (totally sweet!), but at some point during the week after the audition I got an email that I never saw telling me that although I was a little OLD (and I'm guessing too Latina Looking), I would be playing Alice. Way cool. Pressure. I'm on stage all the time.

The play in itself is only 40 minutes long and for kiddies, but that's just been making it less stressful.

If you're near Dedham, MA you should come!

This sketch is for Fr. John Gerth (mostly widely known because of LifeTeen). He is doing college ministry down in Florida and needed something catchy but meaningful, etc, etc, as mascot for the community. The headphones being plugged into La Bible is not my idea, I borrowed it from my friend Ellie's facebook profile pic. The Pelican is an ancient symbol of the church (I was going to try a fish character as well, but you know I liked this one so there).

Random thumbnail I did.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Dance

This little spot illustration will be featured in the Providence Monthly. Thank you so much Alli for thinking of me. It will be printed on newsprint, which does not lend itself to detail so I restrained myself (it was really hard, I had this whole star pattern picked out :) )