Thursday, August 6, 2009

End of Program Adventures

This is my last week at Gambit. Dommage! I don't like the idea of leaving one bit, but I am glad that in as little as two weeks all of the games the teams have worked on this summer will be going live! I'll finally be able to show some of the concept art I've been doing. 

Other than that I visited my best friend from high school, Claire or Cal, in New York City! My camera is still currently with her so I don't have any pictures to show yet. I did buy a HUGE pillow at ABC Carpet & Home, the most beautiful home store I've ever seen. 

Also, a slightly more affordable store worth going to is Ten Thousand Villages. Where I bought this pillow.

Artistically, I'm still pretty tied up here at Gambit until the game is released, but I did manage to do another character portrait inspired by the same adventure series. I'm actually really hoping to get the books, even if I can't illustrate them.

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