Friday, August 28, 2009

CAMAQUEN A Conversation Game

It is here! It is DONE! It is Playable!


This is the game I spent my summer working on. All of the concept art on this page or the property of the Singapore MIT Gambit Game Lab. 

The game was produced in order to help explore Conversation in Game, and although it can be confusing to play through I ask you all to Play It! I did most of the painterly illustration work while my co-artist, QX specialized in the more graphic elements. 

This summer I met Color, and we had a dazzling encounter. I stopped using line work  for a while simply because I was in love with Color. I gave Line a very needed vacation sent him to Hawaii. I've been reintroducing Line slowly. I'm hoping we all get along. 

I spent forever designing our little goddess, Alux (pronounced A-loo-sh, but no one really knows that). 

This was the basic final design for Alux. 

Five other games were produced this summer, 
all awesome and note-worthy @

At the end of our summer the whole art gang got together to produce our All-Stars poster. We each did a character from a different team.  I miss all you guys! I'll visit Singapore as soon as I can! :)

Most Enthusiastically!


Unknown said...

And it is BEAUTIFUL. Well done, Fabiola – and thank you for all your wonderful work!

Sophia Foster-Dimino said...

Hooray! I played this when Nick posted it on his blog (this is Sophia, by the way). It was really enjoyable. I got all the results and felt very accomplished :3 And the art was so vivid and lovely.

EloElo said...

great work, is amazing! and i love your colors.