Thursday, December 20, 2018

Friday Favorites: Christmas Shopping

There was a time when I would leave malls in under half and hour because I was so overstimulated that my introverted mind kept shouting "abort! abort!". I did very little shopping or gift giving back then. Now there is online shopping and I've upped my game. These shops have been top of my list this season and they've yet to fail me.

- 1 -
For my nerdy friends:
The big wigs: Disney, Harry Potter and Doctor Who are well represented and there are useful, indulgent and obscure finds in cue. Smaller franchises also have a bunch of fun things to choose from.

The difference? Box Lunch has higher quality products and a smaller selection. 

Both cover a large breadth of Disney IP than the Disney Store itself. 


- 2 - 
For my trendy gals:
Overpriced? Yes. However home goods and paper products are way more affordable. Everything is just so beautifully designed you know it won't end up in the donation pile.

- 3 -
For my religious peeps:
As different as they are to each other you can find something that appeals to the design conscious and visually sensitive.  And I'm not the least bit embarrassed about buying socks for someone when they are this cool.

Votive Candle from Providential Co. 
They have a wider selection.

 Merry Giftgiving!
(P.S. I don't mention The Disney Store and Disney Park Stores because I get a ridiculous discount and that really isn't fair. Plus unless you live near a park it's hard to get your hands on the coolest stuff)

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