Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Palette of Things

You know, the thing about being employed by legit companies is that they never let you show anything. It's like there is this library of accumulated work that no one is allowed to visit. However, a while back I did create some backgrounds for the "Mr. Potato Head Play & Create" game published by Callaway Digital Arts that are simple, but at least you are seeing some color on the screen. A bunch more aren't officially available yet so one day you may see them.

I can't wait until I can show the background concepts I've been doing for a Tinkerbell game! I'm learning so much! I don't think I'll ever be able to show the drawings I do for Hasbro, which is a shame, but if the toys of the concepts ever come out they will definitely be found here. Yay!


I'm so very grateful to all the people who have made the last few weeks a beautiful and joyful whirlwind. 
 These are the highly involved party bags I made. 
And it paid off because I was called a hobbit for giving presents at my birthday.

 My friend, Irene drew me a lovely card. Visit her website here :)

And a big shout out and thanks to BrandonVogt, for not only contributing to the last post, but for finding me a whole list of people who are willing to endorse my book.

I had this whole big plan for a birthday post with twenty-six super quotes, but it did not happen, so here are only six, and I feel like I'm sort of six sometimes so that works.

- 1 -
"You are seeking for secret ways of belonging to God, but there is only one: making use of whatever he offers you" - Jean-Pierre de Caussade

- 2 -

"Your objective is to receive grace now so that you can receive glory later, or even more simply put, to cooperate with God in his work to save your soul." - Andreas Widmer, The Pope and the CEO

- 3 -

"If we go astray at the beginning and want the Lord to do our will and to lead us as our fancy dictates, how can this building possibly have a firm foundation?" - St. Theresa of Avila, Interior Castle

- 4 -

"Men and women are on a journey of discovery which is humanly unstoppable–a search for the truth and a search for a person to whom they might entrust themselves."- Pope John Paul II, Fides et Ratio

- 5 -

"You are ambitious: for knowledge... for leadership. You want to be daring. Good. Fine. But let it be for Christ, for Love." - St. Josemaria Escriva

- 6 -

"Optimisim is wrong: evil exists, and life is a war against it.
Pessimism is wrong: good is stronger than evil, and good must win in the end.
So fight, because optimism is wrong. But fight with confidence and even joy, because pessimism is wrong...

Life is a fight, but the fight is fixed. 'His kingdom cannot fail.' " - Peter Kreeft

Have a lovely week!

- Fabi

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