Sunday, June 17, 2012

Disney Dreams and St. Joseph

So I survived my third portfolio review with Disney recruiters. I just came back from a mad dash to new york to show my portfolio... again.  I had a lot of people praying for me, including St. Joseph who is the saint in heaven I recruited to pray for me during unemployment. Anytime there is something big in my life that I don't know how to handle or even get my mind around what it is I really want to ask for my dad tells me to pick a saint in heaven who can pray more perfectly for my situation to help me out. When I didn't know if I should live in Providence or away from it I asked Mother Theresa to be praying for me, and low and behold Providence has been an insanely fruitful time and my apartment and surroundings have been a blessing I couldn't imagine then. When I told my Dad how I'd picked her he said it was a great idea since she'd looked for so long for a home for the poor herself. I didn't know that and I came to realize sometimes your prayer partners pick you because they are compassionate to your situation. I'm always in awe when I realize that Jesus loves me and that ALL of heaven is rooting me on. I still don't understand to the letter how this whole communion of saints things works, all I know is that I've been a humble witness to it's reality, being daily blessed by the saints in heaven and on earth. The family of God is a great, great comfort...

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Unknown said...

Dear Fabiola,
The title of your article “Disney & St. Joseph”, which I received via Ignitum Today, made me stop dead in my tracks. Right now, there is nothing more incredible to me than the connection between Disney and St. Joseph. You see, I have a little 4 year old girl, Mary, who was born with a very serious birth defect. Mary’s esophagus stopped growing at the location of her collarbone 4 weeks after conception. Mary had 19 surgeries all before her 2nd birthday. Her esophagus is perfect now, but Mary developed a major oral aversion before she was healed, and she’s never eaten before. That is, not before this last Friday night on June 15. This last spring, I began praying to St. Joseph that Mary be healed of her oral aversion so that she will begin eating. I asked others to also pray to St. Joseph for Mary as well. Then last week, Mary saw a drawing of Cinderella’s castle from Disney World and asked me “Mama, what is that?” I told her, and she then said, “Can we go there?”. I told Mary that Daddy and I will take her if she learns how to eat by mouth. Friday night I went out and bought a couple of jars of baby food (sweet potatoes). Mary took 3 bites (gagging after each one since she’s never had food on her tongue before), then she was fine. She kept eating the potatoes until she consumed the whole container. I was elated!!!!! Mary continued eating this weekend as well. Besides sweet potatoes, she’s eating bananas, strawberry yogurt smoothies, and turkey with carrots! She loves all of it! And she’s eating with no protest. If she’s leery of trying a new food, we remind her of Disney World. She understands the concept of being rewarded if she works past her fears, which she is doing. I sat down and calculated how much we spend on Pediasure a month, and realized we could save that money over 13 months and have the amount we would need to go to Disney World. We are so grateful to St. Joseph for hearing our prayers and pleas, and for everyone else who has prayed to him and to Christ for Mary to eat. God bless you for writing your beautiful article and for being the messenger from God that St. Joseph has indeed heard our prayers!!!

Tanya Shaw
Lawrence, Kansas