Thursday, September 15, 2011

January in COLOR

Good late night to you all!
Here is January's color studies! Hurrah! So much closer to finishing his process up.

January is the month of the doorway into the new year. The oldest and wisest of the months he is the first to find Lucia on the coldest night in winter. It is because of him that snowdrops can grow in the winter today. He is often stern but his laugh can be heard from miles away.

Traits: Generous, Constant, Wise

Lucia: You know all this snow makes it hard for me to dance outside.

January: If you studied as much as you danced maybe you wouldn't be failing geometry.

Lucia: All those numbers and shapes give me headaches, besides nobody cares if you're good at geometry.

January: If you don't get at least a B on your next quiz you can forget about coming with me to meet the spring months.

Lucia: Yeesh, a B? Okay, I'd better go study then.

Have a good night... errr... morning all!

Your support means so much!


Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...


As someone that can't "draw a straight line with a ruler" I appreciate how much art can communicate without words.

Love the dialogue as well as the pics though. Can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...

Fabiii amor! I love him!!! His gauntlet sleeves especially. Nice work!