Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Happiest Pilgrim

I am the happiest little pilgrim on the planet. I’m sure I am. I’m sort of ecstatic. Tomorrow I am headed for Spain (if you didn’t know already, and if you haven’t that’s weird because I’ve told absolutely everyone that I’ve bumped into today---

“How was your day, Fabi?”


“So it was busy at work, huh?”


“Are you feeling alright?”


---That’s right kids, this kid is going to Spain, where 1. 5 million youths from around the world will be packed together like best friends who’ve never met to praise God in the streets and hear the Pope. It’s like winning the lottery or flying for free to the moon. I will be sleeping on the floor, sharing communal bathrooms, being generally gross and sweaty and I cannot wait.

I bought a hiking bag that’s bigger than me! Alright not quite, but almost!

But I still need something from you! I need your prayer intentions. It doesn't matter who you are I'm happy to pray for you and whatever might be going on. You can leave your name and what you want me to pray for, or just your name or you can message me privately and I won’t divulge your needs. I will be connected to the interwebs so don’t worry if you find this a little later than it goes up. I will check it to see if anyone has written.

Con Mucho Amor!

P.S. This pilgramige is called World Youth Day and it was started by Pope John Paul II (love love) and my daddy was at the “test” World Youth Day in Rome in 1984!


Shana said...

Dear Fabi,

I'm a young Catholic artist myself so that's why I follow your blog (mine is at www.john1v14.blogspot.com if you're interested). I never pass up an opportunity for prayer as God knows I can use all the prayers I can get!

Could you pray for peace as I discern God's will for my life...peace and trust about who God is and that He is worthy of my full trust and total surrender. For any warped conception I have of God to be healed more so that I am totally free in Him. And also for His charity and mercy to increase in me and be concretely expressed through my relationships with other people.

I'll say a prayer for you on your trip as well! Lucky!

Femme poussière d'or said...

Hey Fabi!

I hope you have a world of fun in Spain! I'm so excited for you.

Could you please pray for me. I'm leaving on the 31 to go to France, and right now, I'm filled with doubt. Please pray that the lord guides my footsteps and continues to lead me down a righteous path.

I'll continue to pray for you as well.

Missing you much.

Your friend.


Anonymous said...

I love to read your blog, thanks for offering to pray for our intentions! Have a magnificent time in Spain :)

Please pray for my Aunt Colleen, my mom, and my dad. Thank you so much!

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. - Isaiah 41:13


Catalina Muñoz said...

So Cool my mom was at test of WYD in Rome 1984 ;)