Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update! Lolek- Cover Line Art and Color Studies

Hey Artists and Friends,

If you go back many, many posts ago you will see that once upon a time I wrote a little children's book called 'Lolek' for class. I am now embarking on a tremendous journey to update my old material so I can send it out to potential publishers. Yikes! Well, here is the line art for the new cover and a few potential color keys. Give me your thoughts :D

Here is another set cooler tones. I've lightened my favorite up to compensate for the line work.

... and then the breezy blue set :)

So what do you all think? I'm leaning toward the last set because I'm worried the first will be too heavy.

Thank you for stopping by :)


1 comment:

Nicholas Kole said...

Yeah yeah! awesome :)
I'm all for the top one you selected from among he reddish ones. I get the sense of drama between foreground and background most there!