Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spare Time

Hello One and All!
Um, it's totally frustrating to be under NDA, but I'm trying my best to do some my own art as well.

I'm all settled in into my little home. I did a marker sketch of it a little while ago. The flowers are no longer there since the snow has ravaged the front yard, but they'll be there soon again!

I started thinking about a little comic project based on a story I'd started to formulate a year ago. If you look back some entries you will find a few color swatches involving a wall.

The comic project is currently called "The Wall", and is of course looking to be a longer commitment than I had previously thought, but I'm really excited to finish a story for once. Here are is a layout I did (which will probably change), and a sketch of one of the protagonists. I'll be posting more things as this progresses.

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A. P. said...

Aren't you afraid of it being confused with Pink Floyd's "The Wall"?