Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At the Edge of the Forest

Little Ti plays the pan flute while Olush, a forest spirit of sorts comes for a visit. They also like birds so they all hang out together. They couldn't possible play Protagonist and Antagonist; they're too good-hearted for their own good!

Anyways, this was my final for my character class last semester, which was meant to portray a hero vs. a villain, but for some reason my professor told me I could just make my evil character good (see Forest Spirit in prior entry) if I really wanted to. Finally, I decided on an "Eeyore" persona, instead of the classical Maiden/Unicorn match since Little Ti is too young and I quite like her the way she is. 

Actually planning this painting was a whole different story. I looked at background paintings from Disney's Pocahontas, and kept going back and forth on composition. I don't know how many people I showed sketches to before I went ahead.  I finished, a bit sleep deprived and cranky, thinking what a terrible job I had done, but it went over well. I like it now that finals are over! 

It was all painted with Acrylic on Canvas, but when I took a photograph of it I tweaked it digitally.

Little Ti


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