Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Mural in the Land of the Color Coral

Florida is pink; coral, salmon, flamingo. I thought the proliferation of those colors, coupled with baby blue and rubber ducky yellow, were left in the memories of those who decorated their homes in the 80s. Now I know where those colors retired.... Florida. Apparently, pinks don't get their pigment sucked out by the the sun, so everyone paints large buildings pinky shades down there.

But St. Joseph's Church in St. Petersburg is cream and honey inside, and it was there that I spent a few days painting something nice up for a couple arches. They're very simple, but I had a lovely time getting over my fear of tall ladders.

The ladder was so heavy I didn't even help move it. When I tried to help it almost crushed me... for real.

Handy Projector projecting my designs.

St. Gabriel was over both arches, because he visited Mary in the Gospel of Luke and Joseph in the Gospel of Matthew.

See the ladder way on the right? My best friend for the weekend.

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Love, Fabi

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