Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sugar Rush!!

I enjoy traveling; by air or train mind you... I am only tricked into long car expeditions by great music and friends. But the planes or trains are like fun retreats where I get to draw or read the books I want. Delayed two hours? Sweet more time to read Witness to Hope or Enchanted... but which shall I pick? The agony!

I'm traveling to mushy Florida tomorrow, my hair will be a fuzz ball and my face will be shiny like the tip of an ancient grandma's nose but all I have to do is be fed and paint pretty murals while I listen to audiobooks. 

Books. I have a silly big bed for tiny me and sometimes my bedmates are books because I just leave them on the right side of me and fall asleep. I have a horrible habit of book jumping. Never giving each book it's proper start and end. I'm a flaky reader. 

I was just surfing through all my geeky, fun blogs. Because books now compete with blog entries too. Today I read Mark Shea's entry Why Bother With Such a Corrupt Church? and I liked it enough to link it. You go Mark, thank you for your lack of romanticism and BS and also for the book series Mary Mother of the Son I read years ago when I was going through all my Mary questions and I trusted you because of your lack of BS and also for being an adult convert and since I am not an adult convert it gets me thinking of all the things I've taken for granted as a baby Catholic.  

I finally had my first grown-up freelance job and I had no idea what an invoice was and guess what? I guessed wrong. But my uber helpful friend helped me google "Freelancer Invoice" (who knew the internet could be so helpful?). He almost punched in the letters for me but I said no! I can type my own words thank you! And lo, here is my final design for it and I've gained Competency +1!

Which reminds me of a blog called Adulting, which has some crass language but very helpful advice if you are trying to be a responsible adult. ME! I want to be responsible!

I had a small.... small (mind you almost insignificant) meltdown over the children's book I am trying to write and illustrate. What am I doing? This is going to take forever... I don't want to show anyone what I'm doing because I'll just cry. They'll find out I don't know what I'm doing and they won't know how to help because I don't know what I'm doing. 




You know making things that are worth while should take effort... just a thought. 

Oh. Okay! 

Crisis averted for now. And when my pride swells up (everyday) I pray The Litany of Humility and sigh because really I care too much about what others think about who I am and do. 

May the Good God keep you safe! 

Wacko Girl that should have gone on her run but didn't.


Frannie said...

Oh Fabi :) You are adorable, hilarious and awesome!

eggsjustlikeme said...

Hey I told you to run and I would walk, Lady Hyperbottoms!!!!!! :-P

Happy Floridays! (And now, if you have properly studied your Miss Manners book, you might wish me Happy TOULIEDAYYYYYYYYYSS!)