Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friiiiiiday! (vol. 18)

- 1 -

How fantastic was last week's second reading? The emphasis is mine, but go ahead and do yourself a favor and read it and then read it again and then take it line by line and just sit.

James 3:16- 4:3

Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist,
there is disorder and every foul practice.

But the wisdom from above is first of all pure,
then peaceable, gentle, compliant,
full of mercy and good fruits,
without inconstancy or insincerity.

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace
for those who cultivate peace.

Where do the wars
and where do the conflicts among you come from?
Is it not from your passions
that make war within your members?
You covet but do not possess.
You kill and envy but you cannot obtain;
you fight and wage war.
You do not possess because you do not ask.
You ask but do not receive,
because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.

- 2 -

This is another beautiful passage that I found a when I was in Florida. 

Baruch 5:1-4

Take off the garment of your sorrow and affliction, O Jerusalem,
and put on for ever the beauty of the glory of God. 
Put on the robe of righteousness that comes from God;
put on the diadem of the glory of the Everlasting;
for God will show your splendor everywhere under heaven.
For God will give you evermore the name,
'Righteous Peace, Godly Glory'.

- 3 -

I got invited to go to a Chesterton Society thingy by my friend M. So far she said it's just been her with some guys exchanging good quotes rather loudly at a pub. I'm in. I'll even drink the the beer. 

- 4 -

color studies! 

A girl with a thick neck we shall call Anne!

Me as a hero-girl-waterbender complete with hero body!

A black and white study I did for the 'Twelve Months' project. 

- 5 -

I think I peed my pants when I watched these two thing in a row. How can these things be happening all at once? IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.

- 6 -

I'm learning this dance for a Flash Mob in Providence and it is sooo cool it involves SPIRIT FINGERS and I'm so excited like 12 year old. 

- 7 -

Please pray for me over the weekend and especially on Monday. A lot of things go down on Monday. There might be crying or laughing or slumping of shoulders. 

Skipidee doo dah. 


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Maria (also Bia) said...

wow ... you're participating in a flash mob? how cool is that! one of my favorite flash mobs was the sound of music one that was done at the belgium train station in antwerp.

and we're VERY excited about the hobbit and les miserables!

i love the art~

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Love your drawings!!!!