Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NEWS: Book Contract

After pitching my kids book three years ago, having it turned down, then coming back to it two years later rewriting and re-illustrating it, sending out queries and searching for agents I finally, finally have a publisher!


Okay, now for the catch. The deadline is scary tight. I'm doing all the praying and mental prep work I can do right now so that I can endure my coming hermitage with courage and limited whining. Honestly, these next few months are a "Jesus I trust in you" gamble because I don't know how I'm going to do this. I mean I'll do it, but I really do want the finished product to be really good. I figure too since the story I'm working on about Pope John Paul II's early life has so much to do with trusting and loving God's will above our own I can literally use those moments when I have nothing left and somehow it'll make the book so much more genuine and from the heart. At least I'm banking on that happening.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to show you guys as I go along, hopefully some promotional pictures at least!


I was really tempted, actually no I was pretty mad at God when the making of my book wasn't going be as I pictured it (as in leisurely). But again, while I can only see the moment, He sees my past, present and future, and this is His book ultimately. That's why I'm making it, so it can be published whenever He wants to. Which is apparently... sorry can't tell you! Hehe.

Thank you friends & family for all your support over the years, months and days it has taken me to get to this point!


Joshua Fahey said...

First off, congratulations!
Second off, your twitter has been hacked, probably.

God bless,

-fabi- said...

Thank you! I changed my password!!

Joshua Fahey said...

Good! And you're welcome.

Sorcha NicCleoid said...

When will you be writing another children's book? Lolek makes me tear up every time I read it to my children and the illustrations are a delight. In a world of poor children's literature and poorer Catholic children's literature, your book is so very refreshing. In the lives of the Saints there are so many romantic stories, so many tales seemingly straight from Faerie, so many inspirations for beautiful art and clever tellings. One of my favorite tales I like to imagine being written is a love story stretching across eight decades and connecting two hearts, priest and nun, both in love with the lives of the missionaries, both in love with our Eucharistic Lord, both childlike in their joys and sorrows. Saints Theophane Venard and Therese of the Child Jesus together would turn any modern fairy tale on its head!