Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Now Saturday)

- 1 -
Alright, so it ISN'T friday anymore, but to me it is because I haven't gone to sleep and I still have 25 minutes of Anne of Green Gables The Sequel to watch. That to me warrants this irresponsible conduct, despite the fact that two of my good friends are tying the knot tomorrow.

(I'm afraid I don't know who designed this little quote. 
It's very lovely both in form and content!)

- 2 - 
Oi, it has been the weirdest week. Most of the editing of my book went on this week and it felt like the limbs of my child were being taken by woodland elves. My limbless child is now at least readable for the age group intended and I'm sure in a month or two it really won't seem so bad. But most of my lovely similes and metaphors are now a thing of the past. This being my first book I shouldn't complain, but here I am complaining.

- 3 -
I've also been indulging in lattes and Jane Austen inspired literature. Not to mention sunshine and all the pretty light tricks it does with the tree leaves, it makes for very nice runs.

This beautiful poster design was made my Kristen Smith! 
To find out more about her designs go to link

- 4 -
My prayer life... I've been getting to daily Mass surprisingly often and praying the Rosary oftener still. Daily Mass is one of those gifts that sustains you in such a miraculous way. In my own human insanity I forget that when I am lukewarm. Then when I start up the practice again and I find myself in that intimate setting with Jesus I am so grateful I took the time out to go! All the spiritual food that brings you back to sanity is there, including Jesus himself saying, "You are mine!"

- 5 -
Oh! look I have a new header. The next few months will bring many changes to the blog, so that when my book is out it will be nestled here comfortably. Also, please buy it when it does come out :)

 (very deep Jim Rohn, very deep)

- 6 -
And heck, I forgot to tell you all that I met Lino Rulli at World Youth Day in Rio. Here's a link to the his HI-larious talk show. LINO RULLI

He also wrote this book that I listened to on audio book. 
What a humble guy. 
I'd never have the guts to write about all of my failings and then ask other to read about them!

- 7 -
And here is my favorite resource for a daily quotation/excerpt from the writings of St. Francis de Sales.

I clearly need to get some art on this blog. Once I get it together there will be soooo much of it! Be ready!

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