Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Summa Time)

- 1 -

Hello Summer! It's hot and sticky and wonderful despite it! I will now inundate you with links and things!

First off is up and running, so follow this link for awesome tips on Natural Family Planning. Bring Sexy Back!

- 2 -
Fr. Robert Barron talks about "Love and Responsibility"

- 3 -
Fr. Robert Barron talks about Marriage.

- 4 -
Read some of Tristan Macdonald's beautiful poetry, inspired mainly by the Catholic faith (but also sometimes by Star Wars.)

- 5 -

A drawing a did for the cover of a cd mix.

- 6 -

Your 20s are NOT the new 30s

TED Talk!

- 7 -
I will hear about The Book in just a few weeks! But not before I leave for Brazil!


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