Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Events, Likeable Art & Hunger Games)

Hola Amigos! Listed below are a bunch of events happening soon around the country and since I can't go because they are far away you must go if you are near by and because I say so.

Fill These Hearts
Oct 26 -27 St. Paul, MN
Nov 17 Sylvania, OH

This one I've been to when it was in Rhode Island and it was pretty extraordinary.


Adore Ministries
Sept 5 - Oct 3 - Nov 7 Houston, TX

Ennie Hickman will be speaking there fyi and he's pretty cool. For more information please go here


If you are a Youth Minister...

NCCYM Converence
Nov 27-Dec 1 Orlando, Fl


Now I'm going to shamelessly promote Cory Heimenn at Likeable Art! Hire him!


Squee! Jump! Yay! Jump!


I hosted a Hunger Games Party a few days ago! 

where should I put these cupcakes????

President Snow wants you to eat the cupcakes and die.


No more to report. 
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CoryHeimann said...

Thank you so much for the post Fabiola! Such an honor to have a shout from someone as talented as you.
God bless,