Saturday, May 4, 2013

Primavera en Guadalajara

Hola! I spent a week in Guadalajara, Mexico. I had a happy, happy time and wish my cousin, Gina a grace-filled marriage!

I sketched a little while I was there. I made the drawing below as a favor to my cousin who celebrated his six month anniversary with his girlfriend.

 More Lucia

I stayed at my Tita's house and sometimes I got bored so I drew things in the tv room (not the boy character, he wasn't there.)

Lucia's horse and a forest fairy

Also, I discovered PicStitch while I was there...

tongue tacos for dinner


Mariana's apartment

Auntie with her grandkids. They played a game I drew the backgrounds for!

Trip to the fabric store so Tita could use her magic fingers to fix a dress.

manicures and pet shop

flower arranging

pool time!

Nuptial Mass 

cocktail hour


Last Day

I decided this is a very effective way to capture the essence of a trip without taking 300 pictures. You can have the 300 pictures, but no one wants to see 20 pictures of the same building.

Now I'm home, working for Hasbro and Hitpoint Studios, still hoping very much that Lolek (my book project) becomes a reality soon. My hair is two inches longer and my kitty had his first surgery for swallowing something stupid. AND the sun and warmth is back and I feel like I could fly. 

Question: If you could live and work anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Enjoy the spring and summer my season bound friends, and may the gentle Lord kindle your hearts.

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