Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Stress Level Edition

- 1 -
Hello all! And welcome to my stress level, currently a jittery 8.5 (out of 10), platform: Hyper Aware.

God is so good to this naive working girl, who has a tendency to say yes and yes and yes to all that want pretty arty things and coffee dates, that He pointed out a scheduling conflict by ways of a friend I bumped into today.

"Hi, A, fancy seeing you here at this cafe so close to our homes. We never bump into each other here!" said I.

"How true! And we'll see you for dinner tomorrow night!"

Now do I want hot tea? Cold tea?... Wait...

"What? I thought that was tonight."

My voice is level, but inside... No, no, I have dinner with my BFF tomorrow and I can't cancel, and then there's the logo and the book and the lawyer and the trip to Mexico in a week... Mild Panic.

"Well, thank God (really thank God) that I bumped into you, otherwise I would have arrived at your doorstep tonight (squeaky clean and coiffured). Guess I"ll have to move some things around. Take care!"

- 2 -

I agreed to work on a logo, for a small pay, for a ministry I love... warning paying party that I only work in Photoshop... but really I've been slowly coaxed into to just learning Illustrator on a very short deadline. I love this ministry so I don't want to give them less than my best, and if it were the only thing I had to work on life would be grand...

- 3 -

But I also have to meet with a lawyer ASAP, to look at a contract I got sent by an agency to make sure it's kosher, and well... to do the thing a responsible adult would do...

- 4 -

And then there is a personal goal of mine which is to send out a my children's book to a publisher I love before I leave to Mexico... I am determined to send it...

- 5 -

Mexico, did I mention that? My lovely cousin is getting married and I am going to Guadalajara for a week so there is a whole list of to dos. I need to get all of everything done above before I get to this. I am determined.

- 6 -

I refuse to look at the rest of my check list.

- 7 -

Thank you God that this is the extent of my "problems." Thank you audience for listening to me. Stress Level: 5.5 Platform: Deep Breaths.

I wish I had some art to show you interwebs. Perhaps in good old Mexico I will be able to do some personal work.

Hugs and Good Luck to all.

(Update: Okay I looked at my check list... See you on the other side...) Here is the picture of my kitty companion, who keeps me on task.

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Clare Krishan said...

Illustrator isn't all bad, its just a lot more connected, vectors and such, right? Don't dwell on trial and error, or get frustrated, there's tutorial videos aplenty :
Not a Mac customer, for years I used Micrografx Designer (now Corel) until I upgraded to laptop with Linux and use GIMP and Inkscape.

There's a huge community of open-source fans out there, busy sharing:

Hope this was helpful, relax and enjoy the journey!