Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. 20)

- 1 -

Baby's First Sewing Project

I am at a stage in life where I love learning new skills. It's thrilling! Today, it's snowing like mad and the wind is slashing at an angle that gets you straight in the eye, but I refused to cancel my first sewing class. There is this lovely little place on Hope St. in Providence, RI called Kreatelier and their sewing classes are very flexible and catered to everyone's level. My level being zero, I decided to go one on one the first time. I made a pencil pouch, and although the inside fabric shrunk a little when I ironed it, it turned out pretty darn cute. The bright, flowery yellow fabric reminds me of something my mami would have worn when she was a teenager.

 - 2 -

When Papa E Beni XVI announced he was renouncing his title as Bishop of Rome, my first thought was, "No! I still haven't read any of your books!" I'd read a few of his encyclicals but I have a number of books by him on my shelves that have gathered fine dust. So that night, after learning the news, I picked up The Joy of Knowing Christ, a collection of his meditations on the Gospels, and I finished the little book a day or two after he left Rome. 

I recommend this collection because the ideas and thoughts put forth, though deep, are written in a simple and clear manner, and I was consistently surprised and delighted by his reflections. 

- 3 -

Some of the first promotional images for Catching Fire have just been released. Here are a few. Get excited.

 - 4 -

A beautiful quote by St. Francis de Sales:

"My past no longer concerns me. It belongs to divine mercy. My future does not yet concern me. It belongs to divine providence. What challenges me is today, which belongs to God's grace and to the devotion of my heart and my good will."

- 5 -

My friend L and I threw a St. Valentine's day party for a bunch of our girlfriends. I thought it'd be cute to incorporate the joy of sainthood in some way so I made "Saint Date" cards. Each girl would pick one, and then we'd go around the room to reveal what (male) saint they got, presumably so by their example and prayer we would each grow holier. Intentionally, I tried to search for photographs or paintings depicting each saint when they were young and surprising, usually, handsome! (Padre Pio had some very interesting facial hair going on at sixteen). I don't think boys will ever get why this was so fun, but we had a blast. 

 - 6 -

A couple of days ago I went to Cambridge to listen to a band, Brother Sam Slideshow, started by some acquaintances of mine. They are phenomenal, my favorite band showcased that night. You can listen to a couple of their songs below. Love is Real is lovely.

- 7 -

In other news, I've sent seven query letter to agents regarding my book. I think I'm going to send a few more before I start bugging publishers. The waiting period to hear back is ridiculously long, but I suppose patience in 'our click to find bliss' society, is a good thing. I drew some doodles in my spare time.


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