Friday, October 12, 2012

Trip Ahoy!

I waited and waited at the airport in Pittsburgh for Maria to arrive so we could go to Franciscan University (Steubie) to visit her sister.  You might know Steubie because you've attended the conferences they hold for teens every year or because Scott Hahn teaches there or because it's sooooo coooool.

Anyways... there I was waiting and experimenting with my markers and generally making a mess of it –I mean what is going on in those thumbnails?– so I drew some fan art of Ocean Girl, an Aussie tv show you might have watched in the 90s. I distinctly remember having my dad record episodes of it when we'd go away on vacation and I just rewatched all four seasons. What has happened to tween tv shows these days? This was great! There wasn't loud, sarcastic whining and barely any romantic entanglements at all. It's also nice because it isn't presumptuous and embraces its own cheesy sci-fi culture in way that you end up embracing it too.  Don't watch Glee, watch Ocean Girl. On Netflix for all of you. Just give it a few episodes. You'll be hooked on the sincerity and (how beautiful Neri is!)

And then after a lovely ride with one of the many people I met over the next few days, I arrived. Look at the pretty church! There were many other smaller chapels so you could take your pick! Need to avoid someone? No problem!

Below is one of the pictures I took when I needed a break from the intense socializing. I didn't know I'd be visiting during parents weekend so I met returning alumni, parents, undergrads, grads; basically anyone who missed and wanted to visit. And I was starving so I ran, found food and took nice photos.

When I did have to go to meetings because Maria and her sister, Natalia needed to I awkwardly drew people, but hey I was polite enough to stop when we prayed and stuff so no harm done.

I promised myself I'd get some work done on my kids book on JPII so I figured why not go to the JPII library? Inspiration had to happen! Alas, it did not kick in until the flight back but I did flip through lots of books.

I also sat in on classes!!

Christology with Dr. Micheal Sirilla (he had much kinder eyes, I'm sorry sir for making you evil)


Biblical Studies with Scott Hahn.
 I refrained so much from the fan girl inside me that when he asked me why me and Maria wanted to sit in I just said, "Oh, we just like learning." Really? really, Fabi? That's just silly.  You just cried all the way through Home Sweet Rome when you were 20 and then read most of his books. But you can't just come out and say those things.

I also sat in on a bit of a psychology class. Yes, men and women are different and sometimes can't stand the way they handle things. Yeah, yeah... no news there.

Maria also introduced me to Keith Major who I knew because I'd read his witness story sometime in the blogosphere. He is intensely charismatic and intensely into fasting. Also, he's planning to have a Catholic track at IHOP (international house of praise) for the first time this year. And many, other things. The lovely man can talk. It is very strange meeting people I know from the internet who don't know you.

I'm so grateful to Natalia for having me and her roommates who were a blast, for that insane late night watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose (I suppressed most of it already), for the prayer time at the Portiuncula, the festival, the talent show and for the half of the bed I slept in!

'Till next time!



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...

Ryan McQuade said...

This is so funny! I have been lookin' at your art for a while now. I'm a sophmore at Franciscan and recognize the people you drew! (I'm taking Christology with Sirilla)Keep up the great work!

Evie Rombal said...

YEAH Scott Hahn is so awesome!!
You are so inspiring!! I love your art and love that you're so Catholic!! I'm a Catholic artist!!
Is there any chance you might make a tumblr? I find them easier and love connecting with other artists over that rather than Blogger...

Kate said...

I just stumbled onto your art through a friend and thought how much my 3 little girls will love to see it tomorrow! Then, I saw the post on Franciscan and thought it was great. My husband teaches there. Next time you get around to visiting there, consider sitting in on a catechetics class with James Pauley. I (and my daughters) would love to see a drawing of him! :) I hope and pray that your books are published!

Neri S. said...

I like your drawings of Neri, from Ocean Girl :) I'm also a big fan of the show. I hope it's ok that I posted the image to my Pinterest Ocean Girl board, with attribution to Fabiola Garza's Blog?