Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (The New New Look)

New Header Yaaay!

- 1 -
Hi! Thanks for dropping by this Friday! I'm working from home right now and these are the perks so far:

1) I can take my longest break of the day when it's the nicest out. When the sun is hitting the trees just right and all the coffee shops are still open!
2) Background entertainment!
3) I can go hug Toulie (my cat) and chase him or throw him up in the air. Sometimes he joins me for dance parties.
4) Attire: Unless I'm doing some kind of Skype meeting I can wear anything! But I do feel better when I shower and wear nice clothes. The world doesn't know what I'm wearing, but I know.

And these are the downers:

1) OMG, where are all the humans???
2) It be ever so nice if someone else was paying for my insurance.
3) Nobody gets me out of bed but me.
4) Background entertainment! I've very quickly depleted all my prime options to a near nil. I'm going to have to face the quiet. It might be a good idea.

- 2 -
Gravity Falls! Please take advantage of your Disney Channel subscription and watch this 
brilliant-hilarious show.

- 3 -
Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings comes out THIS TUESDAY.

- 4 -
I can't decide for the life of me what to be for Halloween this year. Nani from Lilo and Stitch? Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service? Or one of those Orca people in Ocean Girl, a reference nobody will get unless I meet an Australian who grew up in the 90s. Or maybe St. Lucy with her eyes on a plate; that will horrify people.
(Also getting an Australian accent right is ridiculously hard. Thanks youtube. No thanks.)

- 5 -
Here's Scott Hahn getting gushy about the Catechism. Gushhhhh.

- 6 -
Anybody have any tips on how to make yourself wake up early and like it? And least sort of like it?

- 7 -
I thought about making some cat comics but then I found this girl and decided it wasn't necessary.
Cat versus Human
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Anonymous said...

6. I don't know about "liking" getting up early, but I do know when I set aside a certain amount of time for just ME...quiet time to read, reflect, energizes my day. It's more of a habit really, just fake it 'til you make it!