Saturday, March 24, 2012

Papa Beni is in Mexico! And other stuff too!

Papa Beni was received in Leon, Guanajuato where my mama was born!

Here he addresses the children of Mexico! :

I'm also going to take the opportunity to recommend these guys: 

I love the way they explain things because it doesn't hurt my brain :)

For the list of everything they have you can go to this link which is their directory

Here is a good one about a really a Bad Pope becoming Good! If only I we could say the same about the Borgia Popes. Thank you Holy Spirit that we came out alive after them!

Also... really off topic but I finally found somebody who will have kittens ready to go in June/July. I need help finding a good name. Preferably, it should sound nice in both English and Spanish. Right now my list is this:

a) Bosco: After St. John Bosco, who gave his life ministering to underprivileged children.

b) Fable: Because I love stories

c) Toulouse: So fun to say! Also one of the kittens in the Aristocats.

d) Becket: After St. Thomas Becket, philandering dude turned Holy Bishop and martyr.

e) Blaise: Like Fable it's kind of hard to say in spanish, but I like it.

d) Winston: Just listen to Georgette holler that name in Oliver and Co. It's great!

Which is your favorite? Have any better ideas? 

Always grateful that you procrastinate at my blog,


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