Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 9)

I'm tired of slushy weather, it makes me feel slushy and sleepy. Bible study is cancelled so I jumped on the opportunity to write some quick takes. Maybe it'll wake me up.
So I never thought I'd ever want to own a cat. My thinking was they don't like people, so I don't want one because if you are going to take care of something they'd better want to be friends. So until a few weeks ago I was anti-cat girl. And then I started look up potential pets for very busy singles who might not be home all that often. Tiny little rodent things were out since you can't kiss them on their wee nosies since they carry diseases. And let's face it they're not that cuddly. A dog was never a possibility since they need to be walked all the time and will get depressed if left alone. So I googled "Friendliest Cats" and I was drawn to the description of Ragdolls. I still wasn't convinced however. I didn't know if having a cat was worth the stigma of 'Cat Lady' which will inevitably follow if I live alone and own a cat.  Hey, if Taylor Swift gets called that I don't know why I would be spared. She shared her love for her cat on the Ellen show and how her friends call her Crazy Cat Lady. She doesn't care. Clearly I should get all my life advice from Taylor and get a cat.

Ragdoll kitten

What I want to know is do you own a cat? Do you like your cat? Is it a pain in the butt to own a cat if your the only one responsible for it?

During Ballet I kept hearing the class next door play the coolest instrumental song and I couldn't figure out what it was. For weeks I ruminated about it until I just asked the girls in my class if anybody knew what it was....
It's a cover of Alejandro by Lady Gaga
.... Gah my life. I love that song.

Here it is:

Congratulations to my Little Sister who got into Grad School! Whoooo hoooo! I'm so proud!
This song is for her:

The song above is from Studio Ghibili's latest movie The Secret World of Arrietty. The lovelyness of the film took my breath away and I hope everyone watches it.

My dear friend, L got me this amazing necklace:

The Thistle is an emblem of Scotland! According to legend the Scotts were asleep, and unbeknownst to them their enemies were approaching. One fool of a foe stepped on some thistles with his bare feet and howled waking the Scotts up and giving them a great advantage and victory!

In Christianity the thistle is symbolic of the sufferings of Christ!

L also said something very nice to me about why she picked it for me! That part is mine ;)


There is a joy in the small things in life that I cannot comprehend but am so grateful for.  These small moments in a day can a timeless, where you and a thing of small but immeasurable beauty regard each other and it is like having a special secret all your own. Sometimes its a streak of light or a smell or a soft blanket around your shoulders or a smile. It's marvelous. Thank you God for all those things that make my life thick and rich.


Stacy said...

I have never had, or really been around, a ragdoll so I don't know how they compare, but I have a persian and she is about the sweetest thing ever. She cuddles in bed, lays on my lap, runs to me when I cry! lol, and is just so cute and affectionate. Plus her face is irresistable. I got her from a shelter but she is purebred (and actually a bit overbred which causes her tongue to stick out a bit... cuteness overload). You can tell a cat's personality pretty well when you first meet it. Of course it needs to get used to you, but if it runs, hisses, etc. it probably isn't going to be the best of friends. If it warms up, "claims" you (google it), makes biscuits when you pet it (lol google it), then it might just be your best friend ever. Dogs are awesome, but cats can be SO affectionate and so much lower maintenance, so they win my vote. Hope this helps :).

Pirate Trish said...

I have a cat and I have owned several cats to their eventual passing from age or in the case of my last cat- cancer. I am pro cat. Cats are wonderful and have enormous personalities. They do well left on their own for extended periods, they take care of their own business, but they do get lonesome for you and some like to play punishment games.

My current cat is a mongrel, I was paid $50 to take her as a kitten and she's definitely a calico diva. But while she has her leave me alone times she also has her needy love all over you times. Also she doesn't catch bugs/spiders just looks at them but my old cat would corner everything but spiders to get a treat but spiders she'd carry in her mouth to spit out at my feet to give me a heart attack. And none of my cats get up on counters which is a small miracle I cherish. And attribute to my 6ft cat tree.