Friday, January 13, 2012

The Hunger Games: Peeta

Here is the process I went through to create the image:


I don't recommend this stage of my process to anyone. Don't ever render out just one area by itself EVER and I should have decided what I was doing with the background. But since this was just for fun I indulged, but I payed the price with a gross amount of tweaking later and accepting the fact that I was going to leave things that were a bit incorrect be. (Also, notice how I changed the the knife, I was informed by my friend that you don't hold fighting knives that way. That through off my composition for a loop.)

I changed the colors to fit my taste. I recommend Variations for intense change in hue and Hue/Saturation, if you want to keep your subtler colors but I mostly favor Color Balance because I feel like I have more control.

Finishing off the background was fun and I used lines of direction as much as possible to make my composition less clunky. When I wanted to see how the lights and darks were working with each other I'd desaturate the image. Also, the fun thing about painting is that you can put lights where they are most convenient as long as you take care that they either have a really source light or could have a real source light. There's some things I will go back into if I have the time. I have to fix the way the bow is being held and I'd like to go into the strokes that look like an obvious brush and if there are any critiques I get to those eventually too.

Thank you for reading! 

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Unknown said...

This is an AMAZING piece of artwork! I am just IN LOVE with your character design! If you ever plan on selling this as a print, I would be very interested in buying one.