Thursday, September 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 5)

I'm not quite sure how it happened that My Little Pony become loved by all but my excitement couldn't be contained and I've drawn so many ponies for my friends. If you're not watching the new My Little Pony show please get on it. Just goes to show you shouldn't care if other people don't like what you like since what's lame today is cool tomorrow and lame again the next!

PHENOMENAL article by a Catholic man who is gay, and to follow up with what's going on with him go to his blog.


I just got my copy of Catholicsim the tv series produced by World on Fire. I have to say it is phenomenal. I'm almost through the whole series. Get your hands on your own copy or ask your local PBS station to air it.


Must be reason #3 of why I'm Catholic:

I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring and I cannot contain my joy. I didn't even think about the fact that Fall is about to start and it will be amazing to curl up with that book and a hot drink. It makes me feel at home. 

OOOOH! I almost forgot. I'm also planning a few wall paintings for some kids' rooms. Here is some of my planning for one of them. I have to keep  to the color scheme of her bedspread as well as the motifs.


Go see the Lion King in theaters! It is beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend!


Dominik said...

WOOT, Fabi is reading Fellowship.

I cannot wait for you to start drawing hobbits!

Evie Rombal said...

I love mlp fim too! If you love Lord of the Rings and you're catholic I'm sure you'd love to listen to Peter Kreeft's talk on it! I think the link of the one I listened to isn't working anymore but there's great ones here:

and this one is on topic -