Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Catholic Geek

You know you’re a Catholic GEEK when:

1) You get home at 3am on a Friday night because you went to Mass and decided to stay and chat with a girlfriend about God, chastity, and how Cardinal Sean’s* voice is so deep he sounds like Santa Claus.

2) 4th of July Fireworks make you think of Pentecost.

3) You know where the ‘religious’ section is in every Barnes and Nobles in your area.

4) You have Pope John Paul II as your desktop background.

5) You look for a “Which kind of religious sister or nun would you be?” Quiz on the Internet and upon finding none, get exasperated because the Internet isn’t meeting your entertainment needs. *


*P.S. Cardinal Sean O'Malley is a blogger. Visit his site @

*In response to my no response on the interwebs I will make a quiz shortly.

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