Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catholic Geek: Linda Russo

Here's my friend Linda's list of geeky catholic moments. My comments are in purple.

You would be more excited and star-struck to meet Lino Rulli over Howard Stern.
Seeing as I had to look up who Howard Stern was in the first place I have to say I would be more excited to meet Lino too. He has kept me company several times when I drive in to work in the mornings.

You look at a full moon and think of the Eucharist.
Love it.

You read the abbreviation "St" and think of "saint", not "street".

When you see a CD with the letters "DRE" written on it, and instead of the hip-hop artist, you think "Director of Religious Education".
Hahahaha, Linda, I think you have just stepped over into nerd territory.

Fridays in Lent are challenging. (As they should be.)
Ash Wednesday is absolutely my favorite, some how I relish the dread/joy I get when I know somebody is about to ask me what the heck is up with my forehead. At work we get free donuts on Wednesdays, so I have to explain while they are chewing on a delicious donut as well.

You're appalled when friends have birthday parties on Good Friday (though, admittedly, it's tough being a Lent baby).

When traveling, it's exciting trying to find the local Catholic church to attend.
This is hands down one of my favorite things about planning a trip. I also like to go in to every church I see if I am exploring a new town or city.

It's annoying, when text messaging, if your phone's predictive text feature takes FOREVER to supply the ackronyms "Fr" or "Sr" when typing the name of a priest or nun.

- Thanks Linda for your contribution!!

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Aury said...

Linda + Fabiola = Win

You guys are so awesome :)


(P.S. I am really excited to meet you this weekend Fabiola- I'm frances from the CC)