Thursday, February 27, 2014

My First Book

I made this book for God in honor of his faithful servant Pope John Paul II, and it is here finally by His Grace! YAY! Thank you everyone for your prayers, support and friendship. If you haven't bought a copy yet. nudge. nudge.

I am very busy right now. News on WHY will be coming soon so I'll be getting to all the pre-orders asap. I am however stoked to sign and package these with great love.

Thank you Pauline Books and Media for doing a phenomenal job with the printing. It is truly lovely.


Ron Kramer said...

Congratulations!...that looks wonderful!

@gabrielvitor15 said...

Congratulations! His work is gorgeous! Like to see the stations of the cross on your dash, maybe if you have time ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Garza,

I was browsing at the Catholic Centre in Hong Kong and I was attracted by your illustration of the Story of Saint John Paul II - A Boy Who Became Pope. I have read it later at home and I was touched especially by the pages when Cardinal Karol needed to make a decision to accept Jesus' invitation to become a pope. I see great details in your illustrations too. Your drawings have the power to keep me interested in looking for the background details, like the page where 18 cardinals were walking to the Sistine Chapel.
I am very impressed with your work. Please keep drawing for Him!!! Be His useful tool!
Take care and God bless.
Zenia (from Hong Kong)

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely ecstatic to see a Catholic illustrator doing such beautiful work that blends both the faith and art!! It is amazing to see someone blend the two so well!!

You are an inspiration for me, as I am also a Catholic and an aspiring illustrator.

I would love to be able to keep in touch with you. Feel free to email me at and you can follow my instagram nickmctrickartwork

Hope to be in touch with you soon! :)

allthumbs said...

pax et bonum! is there any possibility for an autographed copy reaching a Capuchin friary in the Philippines? :) each cent will be worth it, surely.

Anonymous said...

Purchased, love it. Thank you & God bless you!