Saturday, July 14, 2012


"Why are they so wilted?"

"They're snowdrops Your Royal Highness, that's what they look like."

"This is ridiculous, all the fuss over these little things and I can't even decorate my throne room with them."

"They're special because they're considered the bravest flowers. They begin to bloom when it's still cold and the ground is bare. Sometimes people get them as gifts when they're having a bad time or when they're sick to remind them how strong they are."


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"We can be so preoccupied with the past that we break down the edges and identities of each thing in contemporary reality and make it all look like the past…The present is not the past. That sentence could not be clearer on the surface or more obscure in its depths. If it were truly grasped, and grasped affectively, there would be no mental illness among adults. But the past keeps running in upon us, obscuring and even obliterating the freshness and newness of everything we do."
- Images of Hope, by Fr. William Lynch

May God Grant us all rest from the sins we have committed, confessed... washed in tears. May God Grant us eyes to see the world ever new, fresh and vibrant. Come Spirit of Truth, Joy and Laughter, capture our souls and throw them into the wind to find the places where we will grow beyond our imaginings. Let us catch this breath of freedom!

I hope these little post finds you all well! 



Ryan said...

As far as the East is from the West, so far has He put our sins away from us.

This is a lovely post. I will remember the snowdrops.

Nicholas Kole said...

Man...this post is great. I love the graphite (more, please?)
and the quote from William Lynch is really beautiful and convicting...just good stuff.
New things!

me said...

I likey

Also amen to your prayer Fabi!