Monday, February 20, 2012

April & Ash

I've been working on a piece that I touched upon a couple of posts ago and I realized I needed a design for April, a charming, aloof spirit of spring. I sat down and this is what happened:

In retrospect I realize that this is what was going on in my mind while I was doing this:

Peter Pan


Armie Hammer


Also I've been painting one of the twins' rooms and it's been super fun but still not done! I'm going to try to finish the pink room this week. Fingers crossed.

This whole week I've been wrestling with what to focus on during Lent. Each day my vision morphs, as God clearly has been pushing what I know I have to work on! It's just so haaaaaard. Whine. But I think I'm ready to try these not so secret things I've thought of. One is no facebook for Lent which will be no secret since I'm letting ppl on facebook know. I want to fill up the idle time I spent there on something more substantial like praying or blogging or cleaning dishes or checking Hunger Games news (sad but true)... anything but mindlessly clicking on things. 

What are you doing this Lent? If it's personal no worries but I'm often curious. If you haven't thought of anything I 'll recommend this: It's a good to time to really focus breaking any kind of habitual sin and adding some positive habit to your life. For example I'm going to try to have a better work ethic so I'm going to monitor and be more aware of how I spend my time at work, making sure that I use my time honestly and productively. BOOM! I've broken down what that means for me but whatever your goal is break it down in a practical way and always have a prayer ready when you're tempted!

When in doubt the tree pillars of Lent are Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving (Service).

I really hope I get a good Ash Wednesday cross tomorrow because nothing is worse than having a wimpy smudge on your face. 

God's Grace be with you this Lent! Holy Spirit come!


Marlene Gonzalez said...

I LOVE April! He looks awesome... def. a hottie! :D

Well, as for Lent, I usually give up music, and that's one of the hardest things for me. Of course, this isn't the ONLY thing I give up, but I just wanted to share at least one thing. ;)

God bless, and may you have a holy, HARD, fruitful and blessed Lent! Will keep you in my prayers!

DLaw said...

This is great! You're inspiration image made me laugh and it's perfect. I love when things like that happen and it makes so much sense. You're mural is also very cute.

I truly think you're art is lovely. :]

Marlene Gonzalez said...

Hey Fabiola, thought you'd like to see my own rendition of the Twelve Months!