Saturday, July 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 3)

Comic Con was awesome, but you know what childhood dream was crushed underfoot? The ocean in San Diego is COLD. And it's apparently like that all the time. I weep.

I designed the t-shirt for the y.h.o.p.e WYD trip. Want one? Let me know.


People in airports are funny- FUN to draw!

I stumbled upon a prayer service when I was trying to go for adoration @ Holy Spirit church in San Diego. I got to pray the rosary in spanish with them! Thank you God!

One of my favorite prayers, The Litany of Humility available here


For Fun. By: Chris Sanders

OH YEAH. I won a first prize for the Disney Fairies Online Spring Outfit competition.
Here is my entry. (My prizes included a fairy mit, a fairy cookie cutter, and a fairy apron!)


Allie said...

I have a bunch of friends going to Madrid, how much are the shirts? I love your blog!

alliecraw @

B2 said...

Beautiful and a timely reminder, my darling! Thank you.