Sunday, August 23, 2009

En Casa

Hello Dear Hearts!

I've got one week left of freedom. Just one. My family has been spoiling me to absolute bits. I start my job at 38 Studios next Monday. It will be filled with Maya and Ultimate Frisbee. I took a few Maya tutorials before I left Gambit and it's software, and here in Texas I've been practicing my frisbee toss. I was terrible at it. I looked up instructions on 'How to Throw a Frisbee' in secret.

I also took on a freelance job, and here is my due for this week.

You'll be seeing kitchens for a while.

My sister and I watched the entire series of Ashita No Nadja (59 episodes) in two weeks. We take in absurd amounts of anime ever vacation. I'm a little miffed by the ending...


I'm also playing Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure on my new DS. It's been dangerously addicting. You go on a musical quest to win the Prince's heart and save his life! :D I think I'm playing moderately all things considered.

Coming Up Soon: Budgeting Home Decor and Conquering 3-D Modeling.

- Fabi


Bec said...

that is one beautiful kitchen!

A. P. said...

Very interesting and detailed interior. keep it up! : )