Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colors and Cambridge

Hello Everyone!

I can't seem to find a moment to write, let alone find artwork that isn't under NDA at the moment. I'm still interning at the Gambit Game Lab ( in Cambridge, except this time I've been a part of making a new computer game from the ground up! There are plenty of meetings, lectures and dead ends, but overall it's amazing. My team is mostly made up of students that came all the way from Singapore to take part of the summer game development program, and they are all extremely talented in their own areas. Luckily, I was able to get permission to show a few pieces that were scrapped for newer ideas. These images will not make it into the final project. What project you might ask? Well, I can't tell you so I hope you can just look and enjoy.

The project I worked on earlier this year is now up online for you to play! Please Go and Play!

Artwork in the game was a collaboration between myself and my two lovely friends, Brandon Cebenka and Nicholas Kole. Both of them are at Gambit as well, working on their own projects and making beautiful work themselves.

I made these two little doodles in my spare time.

There are many more things to talk about but my lunch break is limited. Stay tuned for apartment hunting adventures and how being absentminded as an adult is a terrible thing.

Wishing you all lovely Summer Sun,
- Fabi


Jess said...

The color work on these is absolutely outstanding Fabi. Love it.

enri said...

Lovely character design and colors:)